8-week online training: Cyclic Leadership

Discover the impact of the menstrual cycle on leadership

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In our society, it is still not common to talk about menstrual issues. Within many companies and schools, it is often taboo to discuss menstrual disorders or related absenteeism, and if there are many male colleagues or employers, this is even more difficult.

A woman takes an average of 9 days off annually because of her menstruation. This costs employers around 8 billion euros per year, either due to reduced productioon or the need for substitutes. With more awareness of their menstrual cycle, it is expected that this number of
days will decrease. Because then she can indicate her limits on time or simply work from home.

* Research conducted by the Dutch Association for Obstrerics & Gynaecology and Women Inc.: Radboud UMC

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From: 'getting you through it'
To: an inspiring leader who does her work with great pleasure and impact.

This is what the program looks like:

You can follow this program yourself – as a female leader – or you can choose to make it available to all women from your organization.

If you make employees aware and include them in what their cycle can mean for them, as an employer you ensure that employees take responsibility for their own bodies and agenda sooner.

Because they experience (through cycle tracking) what they need in each phase of their cycle. This allows them to indicate this and arrange it themselves. The focus will be on the positive part of the cycle; What extra things can you do and achieve as a woman on the good days?

Because female employees have been working on their cycle for 8 weeks, they will notice what this means for them and they will no longer want anything else. You can’t ‘unknow’ it anymore.

What this program gives you:

Step 1

We break the taboo. Speaking about the female cycle makes it normal. This helps the female employee to open the conversation, to continue to have it and to indicate what she needs to continue to do her job well.

Step 2

Informing your employees with solid information that is easy to understand and takes little time ensures that it is widely supported.

Step 3

Then it is time to transfer responsibility to the employees themselves.

Incompany possiblities:

In this program, every employee receives:

Depending on the number of employees participating in the program, the investment is between 110 and 299 euros excluding VAT per employee.

Individual options:

Of course, as a female leader you can also follow this yourself. You then get:

Your investment is 350 euros excluding VAT. There are organizations that reimburse this leadership course. Please inquire about this with your manager or HR.

In terms of time, you will spend approximately 1.5 hours per week, depending on your own efforts and wishes.

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Experiences of others:

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I think this session should be mandatory for our leadership to begin with. It would help so much in awereness and understanding each other.
Thank you for this valuable and enjoyable course. It has given me so much insight into my cycle, my body, myself, and my leadership. Also in communicating with my direct colleagues. I will continue to apply all the knowledge gained. The live sessions have been of great value so far to hear other stories (recognition!) and to stay accountable to the assignments. I will definitely check back into the course to review.
Your course has a profound impact on me and inspires me, making me reflect. In terms of leadership, I benefit by looking at the organization of my tasks per day and my energy level accordingly. Additionally, I find myself considering where I am in my cycle when addressing others and acting accordingly. I realize that sometimes on those days, I shouldn't do certain things to achieve the desired effect, both for others and for myself.